Johnny Pastos
June 21, 2021

The 8 Benefits of Reclaimed Wood Furniture

The 8 Benefits of Reclaimed Wood Furniture - Pastos Co

According to the Global Trees Campaign, more than 15,000 tree species (25% of the trees in the world!) are threatened with extinction. And at least 3,000 tonnes of timber are sent to landfill or burned every working day in Britain. Deforestation is affecting wildlife, weather patterns, eco systems, and humans. Something needs to change.

Every time you purchase furniture made from reclaimed wood; you prevent the need for more trees to be cut down. Here at Pastos Co, we are passionate about doing everything we can to save the world’s trees, reduce landfill waste, and help shape a sustainable future.

In this article, we will look at the 8 benefits of reclaimed wood furniture so that you can see just how much your sustainable shopping habits are helping our planet.

What is Reclaimed Wood?

Reclaimed wood is timber that has been salvaged from another structure or product to be used in a new way. The timber is repurposed, carefully, to preserve the natural quality of the wood before being sold on to incredible people like you.

Let’s take a look at the benefits!  

1. Environmentally Friendly

One of the biggest benefits of reclaimed wood is that it is environmentally friendly. It salvages timber that would otherwise be sent to landfill and reduces the need for more trees to be cut down.  

Deforestation is affecting climate change, rising sea levels, air pollution, and animal and human livelihoods. The world’s forests, jungles, and woods are dwindling, and it is up to us to preserve what life is left. Purchasing reclaimed furniture is a great way to reuse old timber, keep it out of landfill, and reduce the need for more trees to be cut down.

2. Reduces Unnecessary Landfill Waste

Most people assume that timber naturally breaks down over time (and they’re not wrong). However, while wood naturally decomposes in nature, the process is far more difficult in landfill – where hundreds of tonnes of timber is sent every year.

Timber that is sent to landfill becomes exposed to other types of waste that prevent it from fully decomposing. This means the wood only breaks down partially, releasing gases into the atmosphere that contribute to global warming and can affect human health. Reclaiming timber on its way to landfill not only limits the negative effects on the environment and human health, but also reduces unnecessary waste.

3. Unique and Full of Character

Reclaimed furniture gives interiors that ‘lived in’ feel. Furniture is rustic and beautiful, without the perfectly finished edges and spotless surfaces of factory manufactured items. What’s more, through careful craftsmanship, the unique character of the wood is preserved, ensuring every product is completely unique.

Here at Pastos Co, our bespoke furniture is handmade to order. It bears knots and marks that are preserved to maintain the unique distinctions of the wood. These imperfections - the natural grains, unique patterns, and signs of wear and tear – add beauty and character.

4. Rustic but Versatile

The rustic quality of reclaimed wood is an enduring style that compliments any interior style. Whether your property is modern, minimalist, classical, art deco, or something else entirely, reclaimed furniture will add the finishing touch to your space.  

What’s more, it pairs beautifully with stainless steel, giving your furniture that sleek style combined with the rustic character of the wood.

5. Made to Stand the Test of Time

Unlike a lot of mass-produced furniture today, reclaimed wood is strong and robust by nature. It is made to stand the test of time. If you want furniture that is long lasting and hard wearing, shop reclaimed. You won’t be disappointed!

Already weathered by its past and aged to perfection, reclaimed wood is wonderfully resistant to damage. And any marks gained over time will seamlessly blend with the natural knots and patterns of the wood, adding to its character.  

6. Old-Growth Timber Can’t be Purchased

Old-growth timber refers to trees that have been left to reach their full maturity within their natural environment. Slow growth can take decades - sometimes even centuries – but results in taller, stronger trees. The slower the tree growth, the denser the timber fibres become.

However, old-growth forests are now protected. You can no longer buy slow-grown timber for things like housing projects. Using reclaimed old-growth timber is a fantastic alternative. Not only is it hard wearing by nature, but you can enjoy the satisfaction of giving new life to timber that would otherwise be sent to landfill or burnt (a crying shame when you consider how long it took to mature!)

7. Fewer Chemicals and Finishing Products

When you purchase wooden furniture from a mainstream supplier, the wood is often treated with paints and stains to achieve that flawless, perfect finish. Sadly, many of these products are full of nasty chemicals that are harmful for the environment.

In contrast, reclaimed timber requires fewer chemicals and finishing products to help preserve the natural character of the wood.  What’s more, here at Pastos Co we use eco-friendly and non-toxic finishing products on all our furniture pieces for a beautiful finish that is good for the planet.

8. It is a Piece of History

Reclaimed wood adds a sense of nostalgia and character when it is introduced into a space. Every piece has its own distinctive attributes that make it unique. From slightly irregular shapes and grain patterns, to rough-hewn textures and exposed knots, each piece tells a story.

Final Words

As consumers become more eco-conscious and dedicated to brands with sustainable visions, reclaimed wood furniture isn’t just trending – it’s future-proof.

If you’re looking for the perfect addition to your home, you have come to the right place. All our products are made to order from sustainably sourced reclaimed timber and finished to a high standard using eco-friendly paints and stains.

Browse our products today and buy furniture made the way nature intended.