Lewis Morgan
November 25, 2022

Black Friday

Black Friday - Pastos Co

Black Friday

30% off.

But off what?

Do we pay our team 30% less?

Pay 30% less rent?

Suppliers? Utilities?

Small Businesses don’t have the profits to offer such large discounts.

We aren’t lining the pockets of shareholders or CEO’s.

We pay our suppliers fairly, and pay our makers fairly.

Our prices are consistent with our products, and we offer the best price we can year round.

We won’t be participating this year.


You can, no judgement here.

But if you want to do something else instead, here’s some suggestions:

Donate to a charity, or foodbank.

Get outside.

Write a letter to a friend.

Bake for your neighbours.

Invite people over.

See you on the flip side.