Welcome to Pastos Co, a Brighton-based team of furniture makers. We transform sustainably sourced and reclaimed timber into bespoke, custom-built furniture!

The magic happens in our workshop based in Peacehaven. And by magic, we mean a combination of saw dust, great music, and high levels of noise :)

We love what we do, and we do it well.

We hand make furniture to order. This gives us the flexibility to customise each item to suit your requirements. So, whether you have a colour theme to work with or a tricky space to fill, we can build an item bespoke to your needs! 

Browse our website to view our incredible products. If there is anything you would like the team to make, just get in touch.

Why We Do What We Do

It is the combination of past and present that inspires us to craft bespoke furniture from wood. No two pieces are the same. We preserve the character of the wood while creating something entirely new.

We deliver excellent craftsmanship that makes our customers smile. Every item that leaves our workshop is made to the highest quality to ensure complete customer satisfaction. Need proof? Check out our testimonials! Take a look below to see how the founder, JP, created the company.

Our Story so far...

May 2018

The Very Beginning

My lovely wife asked if I could build her two bedside tables. And so about 2 years later, I finally did! I then posted and bragged about them online which planted a seed of thought...

January 2019

#jpdoesstuff Emerges

6 or so months later, I created the hashtag #jpdoesstuff as part of my New Year’s resolution to learn something new. As well as woodwork, this included baking and supplying pastries for local coffee shops, mastering (or at least trying to) the art of coffee and producing music.

February 2019

First Commission

Only a month later, I received my first commission for 8 coffee shop tables, each with 2 benches. I started working from various friends’ gardens and from my small patio in Kemptown, Brighton.

November 2019

First Workshop Space

After a successful first commission, orders began picking up. I moved into @horshammakerspace and started spending 2 days a week in the workshop. This was shortly followed by the launch of my Etsy shop, ‘JPdoesstuff’. Utilising their platform helped to grow my business and attract sales from further afield.

March 2020


COVID-19 hit hard, as it did so many other businesses. As a guitarist, I quickly ran out of work as the music industry shut down. In addition, my catering business closed and dining table purchases steeply declined.

April 2020


I needed a new direction. Lockdown was in full force and with a huge surge in people suddenly working from home, office desks boomed in popularity. So, I started building reclaimed wooden desks that could be customised to each customer. 

May 2020

Building a Team

The desks instantly became best sellers on Etsy and orders started rolling in fast. It wasn’t long before I needed help! Two of my close friends Lewis and Joe joined me and as the summer progressed, we employed 2 more people to keep up with the increasing demands. With a bigger team and more orders, we now needed to move to a larger workshop space in Peacehaven.

January 2021

The Team Continued to Grow

With an ever-growing influx of orders, the team expanded to 10 enthusiastic makers! With a growing team, we were able to offer a wide variety of products. As a team, we were building dining tables, coffee tables, bookshelves, bath caddies, vinyl stands and more!

May 2021

Name Change

After much reflection and strategising, we decided it was time to up our game and rebrand JPDoesStuff to something we could build on… and easily say over the phone! So, in May 2021 we rebranded, changing our name to Pastos Co and officially launching this website. 


We’re Just Getting Started

As of summer 2021, we have relocated to an even larger workshop as we endeavour to offer more premium services and expand the variety of products available. We hope you will continue following our journey!

See What Our Customers Are Saying...

This site is still pretty new, but our products aren’t. If you would like to hear what our customers have to say, you can check out our reviews on our Etsy store. But don’t stay away! We offer the biggest variety of options as well as the best prices and lead times on all our products here at Pastos Co.

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