Our story begins with Johnny Pastos who moved to Brighton, UK, in 2013. Although he comes from a family of furniture makers, JP's interest lay elsewhere so he ventured into the world of music after graduating his music degree. Alongside his music career, JP also started his own catering business, baking and supplying pastries to local coffee shops. However, life took an unexpected turn when the pandemic struck in 2020, bringing JP's catering and music businesses to a halt. It was during this challenging time that JP decided to learn the basics of woodwork and furniture making. 

With newfound skills and a desire to keep his entrepreneurial spirit alive, JP launched his Etsy shop, JPDoesStuff, where he showcased his first handmade furniture designs. With millions of people around the world in lockdown and working from home, orders instantly poured in, not just for desks and tables, but also for music studio furniture, garden tables, shelves, and an array of custom designs.

As demand skyrocketed, JP enlisted the help of his friends, fellow musicians who had also been affected by the pandemic. Together, they formed a team of dedicated individuals, all eager to learn the art of furniture making. Our team has now grown and in the summer of 2021, to better reflect our collective efforts and vision, the company was rebranded as Pastos Co.

Bespoke Furniture for Every Space:

At Pastos Co, we craft the finest quality furniture, made to order. Our portfolio spans homes, businesses, hospitality and music studios, offering bespoke solutions from office and restaurant refits to studio desk designs. Our range includes coffee tables, living room furniture, storage solutions, shelving, garden furniture, and bedroom pieces, each narrating a story of craftsmanship and dedication.

Award-Winning Excellence:

Proud recipients of multiple Etsy awards, including "Bestseller" and Editor's Choice, attesting to our unwavering commitment to exceptional craftsmanship.

Sustainably Sourced, Locally Crafted:

Committed to fair pay and sustainability, our furniture is crafted from renewably sustainable, 100% natural timber sourced locally. Our supply chain comprises skilled artisans, sharing our passion for ethical practices.

Worldwide Delivery, Green Footprint:

We deliver nationwide and worldwide through DHL's GoGreen carbon-neutral service, using electric vehicles locally. Our commitment minimises our carbon footprint and maximises environmental responsibility. Our packaging is made from recycled materials and it’s both biodegradable and recyclable, reflecting our dedication to sustainable practices.

Crafting Opportunities, Building Community:

Our team, shaped by individuals finding purpose after Covid-related job losses, is a testament to our commitment to inclusivity. We provide woodworking training, creating not just furniture but opportunities for growth for everyone.

Made to Order Excellence:

Unlike mass production, we create each piece to order, allowing us to be agile and responsive to our customers' unique needs. Whether it's office desks, studio furniture, or a variety of home furnishings, customisation is at the heart of what we do.

Reviews - 
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We're more than furniture makers; we're storytellers, weaving sustainability, craftsmanship, and inclusivity into every piece.