Johnny Pastos
August 12, 2022

How to Sit at a Corner Desk

How to Sit at a Corner Desk - Pastos Co

Did you know that the average person sits for almost nine hours a day? With most of this time spent behind a desk, it’s vital your workspace is comfortable and ergonomic.

Your workspace, whether it’s at home or in the office, needs to function well for you. Just because you have a desk-based job does not mean you are doomed to back and neck pain or repetitive strain injuries.

Learning how to sit at a corner desk properly can protect your spine, reduce eye strain, and help you work comfortably for longer. And we all want to feel our best. That’s why, in this article, we will be sharing how to properly sit at a corner desk.

Select an Ergonomic Chair

Choosing the right chair for your desk will allow you to work comfortably by ensuring your spine is properly supported. Your desk chair should offer full back and arm support so you can maintain a good posture and avoid stiff shoulders or a sore back.

When positioning your chair at your corner desk, make sure you’re sat directly opposite your computer screen. Adjust the height of your chair to rest your feet flat on the floor and check your thighs are parallel to the floor. Sitting straight, with your monitor directly in front of you, and your feet flat on the floor will reduce general aches and pains and help avoid repetitive strain injury.

Keep Items within Easy Reach

The great thing about corner desks is they are built to fit everything you need. For example, one section of the desk can be your dedicated workstation, where your laptop and monitors are set-up, while the other can be used for answering phone calls and taking notes. With a corner desk you can keep everything you need within easy reach.

Position the Desk Correctly

Desk height matters. A desk that is too low can cause bad posture, eye straining, and back pain. Whereas, a desk that is too high can strain the neck, cause headaches, and make it difficult to work effectively for long periods of time.

Positioning your corner desk correctly is important. There should be good clearance under the desk for your legs. If the desk is too low, you might consider placing blocks underneath the legs to raise it slightly or you could invest in an adjustable height desk. If your desk is too high, try raising the height of your chair and using a footrest to find a comfortable working position.

Place Your Monitor at Eye Level

The height of your computer monitor can affect whether or not you slouch in your chair, hunch your shoulders, or overstrain your neck and eyes. To avoid these problems, place your monitor at eye level and about an arm’s length away from you. This ergonomic set-up will allow for comfort while avoiding the problem listed above.

The Benefits of a Corner Desk

Now that you know how to sit at a corner desk, let’s discuss the benefits of a corner desk for both home and office use.

Maximised Workspace: if you want to make the most of your workspace, a corner desk is the perfect solution. With extra space available to one side, you can optimise your workflow by setting up your computer on one side and using the other for note taking, filing and storage.

Saves Office Space: corner desks are ideal for fitting into tight spaces. Because they are built to fit into corners, they can be utilised in rooms of all sizes. So, whether you work in a large open-plan office or from the spare bedroom at home, investing in a corner desk is a great way to save on space.

Under Desk Storage: another space-saving feature of the corner desk is they tend to have more under-the-desk storage compared to traditional office desks. If you lack storage because you’re working from home, investing in a corner desk could be the solution. You can utilise the space under one side of the desk to store a scanner, printer, or filing cabinet. The choice is yours but it’s great knowing the space is available if you need it.

Easy Access: one of the biggest advantages of sitting at a corner desk is the easy access it provides to everything you need. Rather than having to lean across a long desk every time you need to answer the phone, a corner desk keeps everything within reach. And when you’re working long hours, it’s the little convenient things like this that make all the difference!

Multipurpose: lastly, corner desks are a great multi-purpose furniture option. What we mean by this is they provide a lot of extra space, thereby negating the need for extra storage space. This is ideal if your office space is limited and it means you don’t need to buy as much furniture. So, you save money!

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Investing in a corner desk is the best way to optimise your working space. At Pastos Co, we make high-quality corner desks to fit your space. So, whether you work from a tiny spare room or an open plan office, we can build to your requirements.

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