Johnny Pastos
July 25, 2022

How to Style a Coffee Table

How to Style a Coffee Table - Pastos Co

Coffee tables are some of our most popular products. They are functional and made to beautifully compliment your living space. These gorgeous furniture pieces really draw the eye and with the right styling can quickly become the focal point of your living room.

As furniture designers and makers, we know what looks good. What’s more, we really love our coffee. So, we can provide the tips you need to have a coffee table that doesn’t just look great but also functions perfectly, too.

Let’s get started!

How to Style a Round Coffee Table

Here at Pastos Co, we make and sell round coffee tables that perfectly compliment any space. Whether you like to end the day with your feet up, enjoy a few drinks with friends, or start your weekend off with a coffee, a round coffee table is the ultimate companion.

However, when it comes to styling a round coffee table things become a little bit tricky. Unlike large rectangular coffee tables, small round coffee tables have less space to work with. So, you have to be specific about styling while still retaining the table’s functionality.

Discover our expert styling tips below and keep your round coffee table looking trendy and stylish all week long.

Think Triangle

When it comes to decorating circular tables, leaving enough space to actually use them as tables can be difficult. That’s why it can be helpful to think of a triangle shape. Styling your round coffee table with three objects in the middle - ideally differing in size, shape, and colour - is a great way to create interest while also leaving space for cups, tv remotes, and snacks around the outside. Clever, right?

Draw Attention to the Middle

Sometimes, all you need is a single object in the middle of the coffee table. This could be anything from a stylish vase to your favourite plant. The point is to use an object that creates a focal point to draw the eye and beautifully compliment the rest of your space.

Layer Objects

Layering is an effective way to create interest on your round coffee table while still allowing it to be used. Some people choose to stack their three favourite books with coasters or a household decorative item. Stacking a number of items in the middle of your coffee table is a great way to create a talking point and bring some texture into your living room.

How to Style a Rectangular Coffee Table

Here at Pastos Co, we sell a variety of rectangular coffee tables - some with storage, some without storage, and some that are extendable. Styling rectangular coffee tables is great fun as you have more space to work with. Below our experts share some of their best styling tips for larger coffee tables like these.

Create a Base

Many people choose to create a base when styling their rectangular coffee table. A tray is a great way to do this as it provides a confined space for all your decorations, candles, books, and other knick knacks. What’s more, creating a base on a tray makes for easy cleaning which is always a bonus.

Introduce an Accent Colour

Coffee tables are the perfect place to introduce accent colours into your living room. Whether it’s in the form of a pink vase, a bright red flower display, or coloured accessories, your coffee table is the ideal place to introduce some colour.

Create Different Levels

If we leave you with one coffee table styling tip today, it’s this: create different levels for interest. Your coffee table styling will fall flat if everything is, well, flat. You want to create points of interest.

So, create different levels on your coffee table by adding a potted plant, a stack of books or magazines, a couple of candles, a tray with your remotes, etc. Creating different levels in this way will make your living room more interesting, while keeping the things you really need within easy reach.

The Box Approach

When you’re working with a square or rectangular coffee table, it can be helpful to use the box approach. This means you divide your coffee table into four invisible squares and choose to display something different in each section. For example, in one square you could put a plant, in another a candle, and so on. The box approach is a great way to organise your coffee table in a beautiful way while still keeping it functional. 

Coffee Table Styling: Keep it Simple

When it comes to styling your coffee table, we believe that simplicity is best. It’s easy for coffee tables to become so cluttered with decorations that there’s no space to set down your cup of coffee.

Coffee table styling is most effective when it’s kept simple. Don’t overthink it. Just follow our tips above and you will have a coffee table that compliments your living room and also leaves you space to relax and enjoy a well-deserved cuppa.

Final Words

We hope this article has offered some helpful tips and tricks to help you get the most out of your coffee table. For more inspiration and to discover how our customers have chosen to style their coffee tables, check out our Instagram. You’re bound to be inspired!