Lewis Morgan
December 2, 2022


Wrapped - Pastos Co

2022, In Review.

This year we;

Shipped 2,912 products.

Increased our coffee consumption significantly.

Said goodbye to some familiar faces, and welcomed some new ones.

Had orders from 3 new countries. 

Tried things! Some worked, some didn't.

Launched 2 new products.

Fitted out 2 offices, and 1 coffee shop.

Bought a panel saw.

Maintained our Etsy Star Seller status.

Celebrated our 2nd birthday.

Hit 5000 sales.

Then 6000.

Redecorated our office.

Delivered an oak table through a bay window.

Developed something new... (launching soon).


Thanks as ever for your support. We literally wouldn't be here without you.

PC x