Walnut, Resin and Steel • Lounge Table
A New Beginning

Beside a busy road, there stood a big walnut tree, reaching up high, quietly watching life go by. When it was sadly time to cut it down for safety, it wasn't just the end. Instead, it was the start of something special.


In Pastos' workshop, this wood started to tell its own story. With a lot of care and time, what used to stand tall by the road began to show its secrets. After years of drying, shaping, planing and sanding, the wood's rich patterns came to life and combined with dark, swirling lines of smokey black resin, it turned into a beautiful table.


This isn't just a table top on steel legs; it's a sign of turning something necessary into something beautiful. It invites everyone to come closer, touch, and take a moment to see the beauty in its journey.


It's more than art. This table fits right into everyday life, holding books, being there for coffee mornings, game nights, or just a place to rest. Every use adds to its story.


Those who bring this table into their home keep the story going. It's not just an object; it's a piece of history, bringing together moments of joy, thought, and togetherness. It makes everyday life a bit more beautiful, blending nature's elegance with the creativity of people.

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