Lewis Morgan
February 10, 2023

Going Greek

Going Greek - Pastos Co

We’ve got a new website coming soon*.


We’ve been working hard on it behind the scenes for a number of months.

The final tests are being run, and tweaks are occurring here and there.

We’re really looking forward to showing you when it’s up & running.

What’s that got to do with Greek you say?


You may have noticed some Greek words appearing on our social channels.

The same will be true on the new website.

All of our products now bear a Greek name. 

(Still in the Latin alphabet though, don’t worry.)

Some are a direct translation, some are less literal, but are an easier word to read in English.

It’s a nod to JP's family.

A family from Cyprus.

A family with a history of furniture making. (Read more on that here.)

A history we hope to continue.

Here on the South Coast of England.

From one island to another.




*It's actually already live. Have a sneak peek here.